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Hangar 2 sul - Goiânia, GO - Brasil
Fone: 55 62 3878-3888 / Fax: 3878-3800
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VOAR Aviation offers service 24-hours, with a comfortable structure, with a VIP room for passengers and crew, large patio for aircraft, hangarage, detailing service, commissaries team and parking lot, all with safely and agility.



VOAR AVIATION is ready to receive and maintain your aircraft, featuring a reserved wide area exclusively for hangarage. We have specializing teams in many types of exterior and interior cleaning services for your aircraft, polishing, among others.


VIP Lounge

VOAR AVIATION offers total privacy, security and convenience to our customers in the VIP Lounge, which is equipped with telephones, wireless internet access, cable TV, bar services, commissaries and conference room with total comfort privacy.


Crew Facilities

The crew have available a privacy room, equipped with computer, cable TV, wireless internet access, telephone, bar services and commissaries.


Crew Facilities

From landing to take-off, Voar Aviation staffs is ready to provide full support to the passengers and crew, with personalized services according to your need. We have a trained and specialized staff to greet, mark out and maneuver your aircraft safely and efficiently. Our professionals are ready to handle your luggage and belongings with extreme care. We have an agreement  with the best hotels in Goiania , offering special rates to Voar Aviation customers .



We have ample parking lot with covered spaces .


Hangar / Service


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